Wednesday, September 3, 2008

visiting our family and friends

For those of you who know Russ and I well, you also know that we have busy lives. But we like it that way. Last Monday Josie and I went to visit my friend Maci and her daughter Allyn Marie at her new house. We were lucky to get a cute picture of the two of them together. (Check out that double chin... what what.)
On Wednesday of last week, Josie, Mom and I headed to Auburn to see KC. We helped him with his room, decor etc. That is what moms and sisters are for. I have done this for the past few years. I love it. And it makes me feel needed as his sister.
Ben(kc's long lost roomate) they have lived together the whole time while at Auburn except this year:(, KC and Tommy.

Me, KC, Josie and Mom

Do you think they look alike?

Last but not least. Christi Wilson has joined our lives for this semester. We are so excited. She is interning with Russ at the church and helping me out a lot. She is in her last semester at Auburn but we are glad she is in Atlanta with us. We love her!!

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Danny, Jennifer, and Tyler Watson said...

Look how skinny and cute you are again already after just having a baby!!! Not fair at all!

The Queens and Mastersons all look healthy and happy! Praise the Lord! And that Josie just gets sweeter by the minute!

morgan collins said...
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Stephanie said...

hey girl! i think of you SO often! i miss you. we are moving! (less than 1 mile form the seminary-good thing) so life is crazy, and i'm taching at church for the next 3 weeks, so i am consumed with prep there. love it all. grateful.
i LOVE checking in on your precious family through the blog. we are faithful checkers. :)
josie is getting SO big, and just adorable. i SO see kc is her, esp in the picture of her with christie wilson?! so good to see her, too. tell her i love her!
lets talk soon!