Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Stuff going on...

First, this is a shout out to my friend Kelly Ford. I am thankful to have friends to call me out on my un-bloginess. I have now updated some things but was not updating out of pure laziness. I apologize.

I am not going to say I will try and getting better. Due to the fact that my life is only going to get more crazy.

My sweet sister-in-law, Rea and friend Maci threw me a shower this past Saturday. Maci knows how much I feed off of "words of affirmation" (hence my first blog) and so at the shower everyone had to go around and tell how they knew me but then what characteristic I possessed that was going to make me a good mom. I remember every single one. And for those of you that were there... thank you for your sweet words. It reminded me how important it is to encourage one another. To just communicate.

On to what else is going on in my world. Russ and I are finally done with our renovations before Josie comes. Russ and two sweet college boys painted the den and dining room the whole day on Saturday. They look great. We have a couple more little things that mom and I are going to do in the nursery but other than that the Masterson house is back to normal.

Russ is leaving for Guatemala on Sunday so be praying that sweet Josie stays cozy (I know this rhymes) inside my tum until he gets home. I have a fun week planned with my mom, kc and friend staying with me while he is gone. I just can't run the house the same way I used to. I especially can't run Thomas like I used to.


Kelly Ford said...

GIRL! You know i love you! Thanks for the add. I'm glad you did it before Josie comes so its easy access to keep up with our less than exciting lives! haha!
I cant wait to see the pics of the place! I know yall have done a fabulous job!
And your shower pics were great...your looking radiant!

KatieMGreen said...

let me help! Let's hang too if ya have time!! Love ya!

Stephanie for the Lyon's said...

yeah- i, too, like the updates on a regular basis...esp. during these ever so important and daily changing times! and i like pictures--my eyes just can't really ever get a glimpse into your world from up here, so i need those pictures. things may not seem too different to you, but a growing belly (yes-week to week at this stage!), newly painted rooms, a nursery that is nearing completion...hook us up again! :)
even though i was not at the shower, i want to add my characteristic for why i think you will be such a great mom:
your greastest desire, what makes you so good at all that you do, is to bring pleasure to our Lord, and that will certainly permeate your mothering to sweet josie. HE will definetly be smiling at this new role you will be playing, IN HIM.
love you, friend.

morgan collins said...

I'm adding my characteristic too! you're a smart a...which I think will be very handy in raising a child...and it gives your kid a good chance at being really funny.

Josh & Donna said...

i want to affirm! ok. first i think your baby girl will be amazingly beautiful, like YOU! fo' real. i'm not just being nice. secondly, i think sweet josie is gonna rock the world for Jesus, following in the footsteps of her mom & dad.