Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Football weather

I loved the weather this morning. When I used to have to be at work at 6:30am I did not care about the weather in the morning nor did I notice it. Now I arrive at work at 9:00am and it is a great time. I can truly relish in the enjoyment of the weather.

I know none of my friends have ever been to my school but it has amazing landscape and a pond in front that I pass each morning. This morning as I walked down the hill with a little chill in the air, I got excited for football season. I know, it is a long way off. But this is football weather, for sure. Also, Lovett has a family of geese in the pond. They just had a little baby. It is so fun to watch the baby and the dad wonder around the grass. Just the small things to praise the Lord for this morning.

I have 6 weeks left in my pregnancy as of today. I am feelling quite "full." But good. I decided a couple weeks ago that how I feel has a ton to do with my attitude.
Then I was reminded of a quote by Beth Moore that sits above my computer....
"We will feel and live off that which we are filled with." Be filled with His Spirit today. Abiding in Him is such an enjoyable and peaceful place. Why can't I remember that everyday?? Maybe I just need football weather all the time.


morgan collins said...

maybe we just need yellow sauce on a daily basis:)
I can't believe you only have 6 more weeks....ahhhh!

The Mattox Family said...

Yellow Sauce! Yum! I've never been to the one in Athens but there is an Inoko in Winder. Dustin says it's the same. I was thinking about you this morning and wondering how you were feeling. Now I know...full. Good word.

April said...

Hey Kristy...long time no talk, but I've been lurking on your blog a few times before. Congrats on your pregnancy! I didn't realize you worked at the Lovett School. We played them in football once and I remember the school grounds being absolutely beautiful! Anyway, best wishes!

Kelly Ford said...

I must ask why i havent made it to your blog roll yet. It hurts real bad. Just fyi. I read yours every time you post and am getting a complex that you havent added me. *tear* And yes, i'm good w/ a guilt add on. i take what I can.