Thursday, April 17, 2008

Gator Road Rage

Great Tuesday I am leaving work, all is good in the world. I had just purchased a sweet tea from Chick-fil-a,the weather was beautiful and I had gotten off earlier from work than expected. So as I am sitting at a red light waiting to take a left onto the interstate, my theories were confirmed.

Remember I am sitting at a RED light waiting for it to turn green to take a left onto the expressway. Cars are turning in front of me by making left hand turns onto the street I am sitting. Anywho, people begin to "get selfish" and want to make the light therefore blocking me from turning onto the expressway during my green light. This is a common intersection for the Masterson family. We have had many discussions (because I am married to Seinfeld) about the proper way to handle these "selfish people." We had previously decided that a horn- short in length would be appropriate to let the selfish person know that you realize they are selfish and hopefully that will be a reminder for them never to do this action again at this intersection.

So I am officially blocked by two cars. The last of who is a middle aged woman. I (do to my predetermined methods) give her a light honk while nodding my head, smiling and saying awesome. (Please imagine this in your head). She proceeds to give me the gator chomp. Yep, that's right. Both hands straight out... gator chomp. At this point I see the Florida Gators tag on the back of her car and realize my Georgia tag on the front of my car. I begin to laugh. Of course this makes her more angry. But did she really just give ME the gator chomp in traffic because she was blocking ME from turning? After my green light was completely wasted and I am beginning to sit through another red light she drives off while flicking me off. Awesome, I say. Awesome!

My theories are confirmed. Florida Gators fans are most often ignorant (apparent by her lack of driving skills plus her choice of car) and I am pretty sure she had on jean shorts. Yikes. I laughed for hours about this afterward.


Henderson 5 said...

Ok, so I'm totally cracking up at your story, one, because I can absolutely picture it perfectly in my head, and two, because this is my biggest traffic pet peeve. Hope you have a better commute today!

Kelly Ford said...

I cannot believe you kept your cool. i would have been irate!!!! YOu, my dear, are a master of zen!

kelly walker said...

That's hilarious!! Glad you can see the humor in it! :)

morgan collins said...

I've been waiting for this story all week!
and that pic just made me throw-up.

KatieMGreen said...

that is awesome. i wish i coulda seen it!!

Josh & Donna said...

hahaha! that is a classic KQ story. (sorry russ, i can't stop with the Q). why didn't you hang your cute lil' head out the window and scream "gggggggooooooooo dawgs, sic 'em hoo hoo hoo hoo"?