Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Renovation

We are just completing "phase one" of our renovation before Josie comes.
Here is the first part... Russ' favorite.
From big tv in a tv cabinet... to

A nice LCD tv on the wall. We are really excited about the space this is going to give us in our living room. Obviously, we have to paint. For those of you who have been to our house before, we took out the door to our bedroom and made it a wall for the tv. Sadly, the cute little nook that used to be there had to go.

Long story short... the pictures you saw before of Josie's room. No longer the same room. We switched rooms. Now the master bedroom is on the back of the house in preparation for the next phase of the renovation that will take place after she is born. Here are the pictures of her furniture in the new room (our old bedroom). I think it fits best in there. And I don't think I have put up a picture of the crib yet anyway. Remember this is still a work in progress.

We made this closet on the back of the tv in the living room. The door to her room is now through a hallway that starts in the dining room. (Sorry for people who this is boring... but this is my life right now.)

Here is the hallway to the bathroom.

And here I am 33 weeks pregnant with Mr. T.

I swear he knows I am pregnant. He walks RIGHT beside me or behind me on walks... extra slow. And for other dog people... you know what I am talking about. I can tell he just knows.


Amanda Odom said...

I can't wait to see it in person! Everything looks great!

morgan collins said...

everything is coming right along! fun times!

Randy and Katie said... look beautiful! enjoy the next 7 weeks. I know you are anxious, but the baby will come and you life will never be the same! Snuggle on the couch a lot with your hubby...b/c pretty soon you'll have a little girl in a boppy on the floor looking up at you wanting her paci that she just spit out (believe me....I now know!) XXOO!

Kelly Ford said...

I LOVE renovations...its NEVEr boring to me! And your looking fantastic! We need to come see your place...Katie and Chris showed it to us as we drove by when we went to dinner w/ them, but we love old homes and would love to see it sometime! Great job!

kelly walker said...

It looks great! I love Josie's room! It will be well worth it in the end! :) Anyways, it's fun to change things around every once in a while! :)