Sunday, May 11, 2008

Excited to have a blog...

Seeing things like this makes me excited to have a blog and excited to now have a camera that fits in my pocketbook. Does anyone say pocketbook anymore? Maybe my nana.


Many new pics and blogs below.
Sorry... for the delay in pictures,a lot going on these days.
I seem to be all or nothin.
We are still working on the nursery (long story) and will be done this week.
I will post pictures then.


The Jacobs Family said...

Now that is funny. I love it when you can capture something like that. I did that on Sunday in Lawrenceville. We were getting gas off Scenic Hwy next to the Gwinnett Diner and on their sign it read "Speicial Eggs". Makes you think!

Josh & Donna said...

that's where i get my hair cut.

Julie said...

I need a new attitude! Are you hanging in there? Can't wait!