Saturday, May 17, 2008

Baby Weekend

Lots going in the Masterson household.
Pictures are taken and ready to be posted of the renovation and Josie's room.
But I decided that Russ should try a hand at blogging and that he should do that post. So we shall see.

Yesterday, Friday, Russ and I had a date day. We ate lunch at one of our favorite spots The Highland Bakery and took a long walk with Thomas and our neighbor Saskia, her 6 month old son, Hugo and her great dane, Stella. Thomas and Stella are quite the pair. They live just around the corner so we have enjoyed conversing about baby stuff. Saskia is from Holland therefore I always love her European take on baby rearing. Then Russ and I took naps (our favorite). I headed off to tutor and Russ worked in the yard.

Today, Saturday, I had a beautiful, delicious, and fun shower at the Millsaps. It was so much fun to visit and see my childhood friends. I enjoyed trying to think of my fondest memories of each person as we chatted. Some really fun stories. Upon my refection of the fun memories about each person I thought how great it will be for Josie to make such fun and lasting memories with friends as I have. I pray she has as an enjoyable childhood as I did. Great neighborhood friends!

Russ and Thomas had a big day too. Grant Park had its 125th Anniversary Celebration today. Thomas was in the pet parade. Russ said he was scared the whole time of the marching band in front.

Upon getting home Russ and I unloaded the great gifts and then headed to our friend's house to babysit. Time to pause for a catch up....

Russ did not go to Guatemala this week. I know... I know... I am a bad blogger that I did not update with this big news. Two days before Russ was suppose to fly to Guatemala, I went to the doctor. We knew this appointment would be big as far as our peace of mind for him on the trip. As it turned out I was 1cm dialated and 60% effaced. What? I was just wondering if her head was down. The doctor said... "Oh yeah, I am touching her head." This was at 35 weeks. The doctor mentioned that I could go "next week or all the way to my due date" like this. This brought about a change in Russ' schedule. Needless to say... I did not go into labor this week past. But the decision was very worth it for the peace of mind.

Back to the above Russ and I went to babysit for the guy/friend, Jonathan Rich who graciously took Russ' place on the trip. His wife is a nurse at Grady and needed some sleep relief time, of which Russ and I were happy to babysit. Their son, Josiah is 7 months old and too cute. Russ and Josiah are now at the airport picking up Jonathan (Josiah's dad). Russ dropped me off at the Green's home. Right now, I am keeping Bella. Katie went to church to be with Chris for "Married Life Live." A cool marriage thing Buckhead does. It has been a fun baby day. Just a small pre-cursor to what is ahead. I love my friends and their babies!


KatieMGreen said...

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! You are truely such a great friend for offering to keep Bella. You just offered. Just like that. You are great and I appreciate you so much. I cannot wait for that precious baby to enter this world!!!!!!

worshipdesign@thevine said...
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worshipdesign@thevine said...

i love it when Kristy blogs, and i'm sure i'll love it when Russ blogs, too. you can do it, Russ! :) i simply cannot WAIT to meet Josie! praying for you guys -

The Marlatts said...

hey kristy~ i found your blog through kelly ford. i hope things are going well for you and miss josie. little girls are sooooooooo much fun! i will shout out a prayer for you and a healthy delivery.

Julie said...

These are exciting times. Can't wait for Miss Josie. Thanks for helping KT out on Saturday.