Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day Weekend

Granny and George rode home with us from mother's day festivities.
Thomas loved having them in the back seat.
This is my favorite picture ever!

We saw John and Jill Waterworth at Babies R Us.
They have two boys Luke and Thad.
If any of you knew John and Russ in college you would not have thought they would be at this point. Funny to see them transistion from kayaks to babies on their hips.
Cute dads.


Suzanne said...

LOVE the dueling daddies! Or I guess, dueling daddy and daddy-to-be-very-shortly. Yep, never would've imagined a pic like this when we were in college. Glad to see they grew up...a smidge! :)

Randy and Katie said...

Wow they like totally match in this picture...nice. Never forget when John took me rafting on the Ocoee in college and I fell out in one of the worst rapids- his face was priceless!

Joy and Bryan said...

I was looking at Bowdie's blog and ran across The Masterson Family. I'm glad I did so I could see how things are going with you. Then I found this picture of you and John and I was amazed. Hope things are going well and congrats on the family. keep in touch.. later worm

Joy and Bryan said...

our blogspot is