Sunday, May 11, 2008

Thomas & Josie

Lots of people ask how Thomas will do with Josie.
I was doing some yoga on the floor of Josie's room.
Thomas joined in the fun. It was really funny.

Katie, Bella and Bandit came over to hang out during one of the beautiful evenings this week. Thomas and Bandit hang out well together.
I guess if Thomas can be gentle enough not to squash Bandit he can handle Josie.
And of course Thomas loves to lick Bella.

I think Thomas is sticking his tongue out at the camera here.

1 comment:

Kelly Ford said...

I love these Doggies! ha! :-)
Spud tries to work out w/ me every night too. Well, he stares and tries to jump on me and sit as i do my sit ups. So maybe he's more of a discourager!