Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Russ' Birthday Celebration

Russ turned the big 3-0 on Saturday.
We celebrated Friday night at Two Urban Licks with our work/church friends.  
Yes, the are one in the same. (To which, I don't have any good pictures.)
We started our day on Saturday with donuts/pastries from Sublime Donuts (10th street).
(Awesome by the way!)

We headed to Sweetwater State Park for a family hike.
Side note:  This is a great park only 20 minutes from us.  
Home for naps then to the Waterworths for some good pizza.

Josie update:  She is a walkin' fool.  Not on her own, with her walker.
She has gotten super fast and when she hits a road block she is great at maneuvering to get the baby walker to move where she wants it. (video coming soon) All about standing on her own. It is not long until we have an official walker.  

Russ and I were discussing that the baby days are gone.  Her little personality is coming out.  She is super sweet but has some major independence deal breakers.  My sweet fiery little red head!

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Katie B said...

Just wait girlfiend....randy and I talk about how baby days are gone--and it makes me sad!!! Independence indeed...