Thursday, May 14, 2009

spring cleaning... who does this??

So yesterday I did my spring cleaning.  Cleaning the stove, coffee pot, windows, baseboards etc.  My mom kept Josie which allowed me the freedom to work as much as possible.  I longed for the childless, productive day to be a day also of where my thoughts could "practice His presence."  I kept coming back to the thought of "who does this?"  Spring cleaning that is.  I know my Nana does.  And I have heard of some friends of friends who do.  I know it is necessary.  But it is really not fun.  My motivation had to be completely external.  It did feel really good to know that it is done.  I felt incredible productive, after it was over.

Do you spring clean?  What chores are at the top of that list?


morgan collins said...

I don't spring clean, but my baseboards really need to be wiped down. So if you want me to watch Josie while you clean my house I totally don't mind doing that for you:)

Henderson 5 said...

I was bummed not to see you yesterday, but totally understand not refusing the offer to clean without children present! I, too, hate to clean but love the result. Hope to see you soon.

Kelly Ford said...

I kinda keep all that deep cleaning done on a regular basis. But my big chore that i put off and do about 3 times a year or so is removing and re-caulking the shower. It gets grody (sp?) no matter how often or with what I scrub it. I'm nurotic about cleaning... and since Rhyan, I havent vaccumed and its driving me nutso! I'm glad you got all the stuff done... I know it feels goo. Its hard to keep stuff clean w/ a doggie and all their hair!

Anonymous said...

I had a day of that recently. I don't love it while I'm doing it but I love seeing the results! I hate dusting so I have to do the blinds and fans and what not every so often. I think having an older house requires more of that deep cleaning too for some reason...Glad you got it done! YAY for moms who love to help!!!
kelly walker