Friday, May 15, 2009

girls are back in town

This past weekend we invited Raleigh and Camden to come spend the night with us and go to the zoo.  Our agenda was fairly simple: Chick-fil-a, drive to ATL, playground, zoo, cookout, bath then bed.  In adult terms:  wear everyone out.  Here are a couple fun quotes that occurred a long the way.  

Situation/Quote #1  Raleigh drank too much lemonade at the chick so we stop at REI (I am married to Russ Masterson) to use the restroom.  Camden comes a long too.  Raleigh trips over the speed bump on the way in.  Camden says with calm enthusiasm "that was awesome!"  I laughed for days on that.  
Situation/ Quote #2 I am brushing wet hair after the bath.  Camden looks at me.  "Are you having a baby"? "No", I say defensively.  "It looks like you are." Awesome.

We had a blast overall.  They were so sweet and fun to have around.  And of course Josie and Thomas were more than up for the company.  Josie just laughed and laughed at them.

I wish I had a picture of the car ride home.  Russ rode to Lawrenceville with Raleigh, Camden, Josie, Thomas and Granny.  That was a site to behold for sure!  Makes me smile just thinkin about it.


Stephanie said...

seriously, kristy, i can't stop giggling--well, really i laughed out-loud so hard that larry was quite curious what actually got that response from me...i love that the way you write on your blog is exactly like as if you were telling the story in person...i could just hear that live conversation of the girls HILARIOUS quotes. your commentary on them was the kicker..."awesome."
camden sounds a wee bit witty...
MISS YOU in my daily life!
love you.

Suzanne said...

Ok, situation/quote #2 - hilarious. My little 6 year old neighbor was over the other day and said, as she looked at my tummy, "I think your doctor forgot to take one of the babies out."