Monday, April 27, 2009

cute josie pics...

she is wanting to walk so bad.  which is challenging and fun all at the same time. i love sleeping pictures.  or just babies sleeping in general.  there is just something about it.  guys love it too.  or at least russ does.  our seinfield-ness cannot figure out why we love it so much.  josie fell asleep last night while on a walk with thomas.  this NEVER happens.  did i mentions she NEVER falls asleep in the stroller.  so i had to take a picture.

below is a video portion of our saturday morning.
cinnamon rolls. yummy!

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morgan collins said...

she's getting so big!

The Mattox Family said...

Okay, so it has been way too long! We need to get together....soon. had no idea you went on vacation. I am a terrible blogger these days, but I do take some okay pics.

KatieMGreen said...

I read your blogs a few days ago, but I just got to watch the videos. I love her little lizard tounge! The rolls must smell so good! :)
She's going to be walking so soon!!!

Fahring Family said...

How precious is that tongue!! I feel the same way about cinnamon rolls Josie!!