Monday, April 27, 2009

i am a lame picture taker....

this is what i have been reflecting upon this last week.  also the reason for not updating my blog.  we have had a lot of excitement and blog-worth experiences, i just don't have good pictures to display.  please note my lame-ness in the examples to follow.

example #1
it is my daughter's first easter.  one would think i would take beautiful pictures outside in the beautiful weather.  nope. just some in her room. lame.

she did look super cute (and a bit surprised) in her outfit from gran gran.

example #2
i have an adorable daughter yet i am easily amused by my dog over and over.  is this part of being a stay at home mom?  thomas vs. red georgia clay! lame.

i am not sure who won. notice the forehead and the back.

example #3
josie is in the same position as the easter picture.  this is my favorite outfit day. a day in which she wears my favorite outfit of her collection. lame.

side smirk.  amusing me already.
praise the Lord! obviously, josie and mom practice this over and over when she is at her house!  love it!

example #4
the other day in the grocery store russ and i saw a lady feeding her 8 month old a regular size reese's peanut butter cup.  awesome.  then i took a picture to solidify that i should not have judged her.

"what happens and gramps and mimi's stays at gramps and mimi's."


Katie B said...

Kristy...hilarious! I did not get any good pictures of Rody's first Easter either...lame on my part! Oh, and rody always gets suckers from Grandma Kia...I guess it is grandparent thing- OH well! And "praise the Lord"...we do the same thing with "JESUS"..and Rody will raise both hands like that...awesome!

Allison Wolfe said...

I am not sure that Russ had anything to do with making her...she looks just like you! She's so cute and growing fast!