Monday, April 27, 2009

this past weekend...

we were quite busy.  
friday was spent with jay, linda, ryder and granny.
russ' cousins who were in town with their little one (ryder) from seattle.
we had a blast talking and eating.
because i am a lame picture taker (see post below) i did not take any good pictures of their visit.
thank goodness linda is a professional photographer.

we celebrated russ' upcoming birthday on friday night at stella's.
saturday we had a family reunion at my nana and grandaddy's.
bbq and brunswick stew.  it doesn't get much better.
saturday night kc (my BABY brother) got engaged to his sweetheart brittany.
i will post a picture but please remember i am a lame picture taker.
maybe my mom will post better pictures on fb.
but it was really great because we got to see him propose (i cried).  we were in a restaurant in downtown lawrenceville while he proposed in front of the courthouse.
she did not know we were all in the restaurant so she was quite surprised to see her family there immediately after.

overall it was a great night.  we are so excited to have brittany join our family.

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