Friday, August 22, 2008

we are fam- ily (1st video post)

Thomas and Josie have become fast friends. He is still so sweet to her. Here he was just chillin, looking up at us like.... "Are you really going to let her lay on me? You don't even let me lick her?"

We got to see sweet Emma (who just turned 2 yesterday) a lot in the last few days. We are looking forward to our trip to Williamsburg in September to see their new house.

We also visited Nana and Grandaddy. Grandaddy's garden is full of yummy things. Tomatoes, pears, okra and watermelon. He was so proud of his 45 lbs. watermelon and his great grandaughter.

Rough pic of me and the sun in Josie's eyes.... but you get the point.


Amanda Odom said...

I think you look awesome. Josie is just so beautiful. I love you guys.

worshipdesign@thevine said...

okay, so i'm not a dog person, but i think Thomas and I could be friends. he's so well-behaved! that's awesome. :) Josie is getting so big! miss y'all.

morgan collins said...

and your reward is getting to lick feet...lovely.

Hudlow Family said...

So cute! Hill has the same outfit as Josie in the watermelon picture ;-)