Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I love being at home, when it is raining!

I realize I will cause some jealousy by this blog. For that I apologize.
I am sitting here in my pjs (about to spend some time with the Lord) with my cup of coffee.
Josie is snoozing in her bed.
Russ was up most of the night sick, so he is snoozing too.
And Thomas and I are enjoying a rainy morning.
I am fully a mother hen... content when everyone is in the hen house.

p.s. In Athens I always hated when it rained. And I felt like it rained a lot.


AnnieBlogs said...

I hated when it rained in Athens too!! I think it's because we knew either a) we had to go to class anyways or b) we probably had some sort of homework that we COULD be doing.

As for me today, I have NEITHER!! BOOYAH!! :)

Shea said...

This hen house is doing the same! Minus the sick husband. Feel better Russ.

morgan collins said...

I was thinking about how bad it sucked to go to class in the rain this morning on my drive in. I do, however, miss coming home and just chilling with yall on the couch while it stormed outside:)

Matt and Kim said...

I am very jealous! I was running in and out of the school to my trailer all day in the rain! I would agree with Athens and rain not being a fun combo! There was nothing quite like sitting in a freezing cold classroom soaking wet!

HP said...

Hi Kristy! I found your blog from Donna's. Your baby is PRECIOUS. I actually live in Athens now and I think it does rain here a lot. And I don't like it one little bit either.

Josh and Donna said...

dude. so jealous.

Kelly Ford said...

I love that you compare yourself to a mother hen...and i love how the ppl in your life have changed your perspective on rainy days. Special people have a way of doing that, huh?! Cute! Enjoy!!!