Monday, August 4, 2008

Queen vacation

We returned from the Isle of Palms, SC (15 minutes from Charleston) on Friday. We had a great
time with my family.

Camden, Durham and Raleigh eating a snack by the pool.
Josie ready for her first pool experience.

Photo shoot. It is quite funny and fun. My family does an annual (color coordinating) photo shoot. This year the colors were chocolate brown, butter cream and white. Russ and Josie by the ocean. I love this picture. It makes me smile. Our little butter bean.
My mom and dad with their grandkids.
The Queen girls.
Bella kindly gave Josie her swim outfit. So cute!
Uncle KC and Josie on an after dinner walk. The houses were fun to look at.
Chillin on mom and dad's bed.
Holy scallops. We ate at a place called Hank's Seafood. Needless to say... it was wonderful.
Durham and Josie enjoyed playing together in the mornings.
We had a wonderful time on vacation. Josie did great. Last night she slept through the night for the first time. Of course... I still woke up. Geez. More fun to come.


morgan collins said...

she is so pretty! and those scallops are HUGE!

The Bennetts said...

i hate to keep repeating myself. but josie is SO CUTE! i mean seriously. like WAY WAY PRECIOUS!

Kelly Ford said...

Scallops are yummy and that pic makes me jealous! I love all the pics and i cant believe how much miss josie looks like her mommy. could you (at some point) post yours and russ's baby pics so we can see...?

KatieMGreen said...

i love the butter bean pic!!

i read this blog last week, but i am bad at commenting! sorry! love ya!

so i had to come back and tell you that is the cutest butter bean i've ever seen.