Tuesday, July 31, 2012

hello there friends...

well it has been some time.
we have been enjoying the summer by traveling and being with family.
honestly, i'm over the hot-ness.  might be because i have a bun in my oven.
yep...you read that right.  one more masterson will make their debut in february.
so energy has been a little low over here, along with my ability to get anything done besides loving on my girls.

here are some pictures to catch you up.

myrtle beach for granny's birthday.

this picture makes me sad and happy.  my sweet girl looks so grown up with her birthday choices.

we are a bit of a chaco family.  start'em early.

enjoying boat rides and lake days with cousins.

hammock beach with queen cousins.


veggies from grandaddy's garden.

My favorite picture of the summer!!! 
Grandaddy and Izzie getting ready to go pick pears from the garden.
Hope you are having a good summer too!


Taylor Wise said...

Congratulations friend! I am so happy for you!

Sherri D said...

AHH, YAY!!!! Congratulations, girl! So happy for y'all. : )

Katie Barnett said...

ah, so discreet, Kristy!!! Yay for #3...I feel ya on the hotness and the pregnancy...not a fun combo! congrats to you and Russ and your girls...so fun!

Kelly Ford said...

SO EXCITING!!! Very happy for you, friend! Prayerful for a healthy baby and a great pregnancy!

J. Harwell said...

Another Masterson?! The world ain't ready...

Just kidding. We are excited for Baby #3. Congratulations to you, Russ and the TWO big sisters!!

Love from Athens...


The Lunsfords said...