Tuesday, October 30, 2012

almost november

the truth is i was tired of seeing the pictures on the last post.
so here is a quick update and new post.

baby #3 is ....a girl.
honestly, i was shocked. just knew it was a boy. but nope. God knew that all that "girls ministry" experience from back in the day was for such a time as this....whew. so come ages 11,13 & 15.  i might need a place to camp out.  honestly, knowing we are having another girls has just has made me so thankful for Russ.  he is the most wonderful "girl dad." and if you know him you know the man can bring logic and simplicity to any situation. which is what we as women....NEED.  at least this one does.

Gretchen Mae Masterson will be her name.  we will call her Greta Mae. Mae after my Nana.  my mom's mom....Nellie Mae.  when i told her, she cried and said that was the nicest thing anyone had every done for her.  (this pregnant mama cried too).

well that seems to be our big news for now.  here are some pictures for fun.

if you know me well, you know i LOVE the fall.  we have enjoyed some wonderful hikes and walks outside.  and i am loving being pregnant and fully clothed.  summer is just too vulnerable for me sometimes.


Stephanie said...

i needed this post!
i miss seeing you a cute preggo mama!
and i got all choked up at the name story, too.


Kelly Ford said...

How FUN for the girls to have another sister!!! I'm sure they will all be GREAT friends and confidants... :-)
Her name is precious!

Josh and Donna said...

you look beautiful! love her name...and you!