Wednesday, January 18, 2012

phone dump & favorite things

Josie is sitting next to me coloring.  She reminded me that "if we make a mistake it is ok because God loves us anyway."  Apparently, she started to color the apple blue.  "Silly me, apples are red." She said.

I love camera phone dumps on other blogs, so I figured I would do one of my own.  

I had a sweet friend ask me what my favorite things are right now.  A small list of those are at the bottom.

Josie got the "headbanz" game for Christmas.  It is super cute and we all get involved.
These girls are awe-some.

 I was wanting a new shelf to go in my "conversational area." Scott's Antique show was in town last weekend and Russ I could not pass this one up.  Trinkets to be moved around.

I mean she the cutest thing or what?  
She has changed so much but her personality is quite complex.

Josie LOVES to dress up.  Her "ren-nastics" (aka gymnastics) outfit is too cute.
Long legs and arms like her daddy. (Thank you Lord.)

We were able to see my sweet Kiki over the holidays.  I miss her so!

Ok Favorite things right now...
1. Zumba
2. The crockpot
3.  All is Grace by Brennan Manning
4.  The Meaning of Marriage by Tim Keller
5. V-neck T-shirts


Sherri D said...

Your girls are SO beautiful!! And I'm missing y'all. Can we hang out soon, PLEASE? I want to see your new house! Love you, girl.

KatieMGreen said...

you so have long legs and arms, too. and long fingers. i've always liked that.

your short stubbed finger friend

McCall said...

Love this post! I noticed the fun new shelf last wk! I just love it.