Monday, December 26, 2011

house: long time coming...

Here she is...our new house.  Well the main floor anyway.
We love it here.  It suits our family well.
I often feel as if I get my two favorite things in one; a house in the mountains/ridge in the middle of the city.

Our den/ main living area.
 Multi-purpose room.  Standing at the back door.
 Multi-purpose room. Standing at the front window.
Looking from the den into the kitchen.
 Galley kitchen.
Bookshelf wall in Josie's room.
Josie's bathroom.
So I seem to have forgotten Josie's room.  I will add that to the upstairs pictures and the newly renovated master closet.  We are missing some pictures on the wall, we keep debating on what goes where. 
And this is Thomas' playroom.  Because heaven forbid he actually sleep out there. 
This flat backyard will be receiving a swing set from Christmas!
Our kind family members pitched in for this fun present.
More to come....let's be honest...who knows when.


Kelly Ford said...

YAY for a house post! I've been waiting for this ;-)
Its beautiful, Kristy! I'm so glad the Lord met so many needs (and wants!) in your home. I hope that it will be a safe haven and place of rest for your family as you minister to so many!

Henderson 5 said...

So fun to finally see the house! Call or email me soon about a camera tutorial .

Kim Harner said...

It's awesome! So adorable! Looks like a great place for your girls to grow up! Just perfect!

Brian Sinyard said...

Beautiful home, Kristy! Saw a link to your blog through Kelly Ford's blog. Hope you're doing well. Looks like you are! Happy New Year!

Brian Sinyard

Jess Judkins said...

gorgeous home!