Monday, October 3, 2011

so apparently it is the rage these days...

I didn't know it but it is the "rage" to give up your paci.  Two of my favorite mom bloggers (Suzanne & Erika Powell) both discussed their children (way younger than Josie) giving up their pacis.  Well we knew it was a long time coming but I kept justifing this "removal of security" with the best of them.  For example:  1) we just moved 2) she only uses them to sleep 3) she has a new baby sister 4) she is sick etc. get the picture.  (ps...this is a secret crazy talent of mine).  I can justify with the best of them.

Well we did it.  (I feel like this is an accomplishment for me too.) The paci fairy came last Monday night and took away ALL (last minute decision) pacis at our house.  In case you didn't know...the paci fairy takes pacis to new babies who need them.  Poor Izzie got the short end of the stick, Izzie- 11 months Josie 3.5 years, but who is counting.  I started to feel so bad about the whole thing because the truth is... I did this to her.  I had made her the addict.  I was not about to do this to another child.

So one week later.  We are a paci-less house.  I was so proud of my Josie.  We had one. long. night.  Another night of yelling for 5 minutes for "mom and dad" but then not a peep after that.  She has been really good about it and much better than I ever imagined.  In the midst of this we pretty much lost the nap,  which was withering anyway.  But every once in awhile she will fall asleep on the couch.  Today was one of those sweet days.  It makes me realize she is such a big girl. I love her!


Suzanne said...

way to drink the koolaid. :)

Allison Wolfe said...

Wanna come take the nighttime Paci from Abigail? We tried one night, and eventually gave in. I am like you, I mean it's only at night?? But, I know it has to go. Ugh.