Tuesday, October 18, 2011

a boy that is a friend...ummm boyfriend??

Back when I was pregnant with Josie the Rich family was pregnant with Josiah.  We discussed an arranged marriage at that point but aborted the plan for the sake of letting our children have their choice. If it were a choice today...Josie would surely pick Josiah.  Second place would be Durham (her cousin) but we are not that kinda family. Close but not that close.

It just so happens that Russ and Jonathan Rich do ministry together (pastor/worship leader). Once a month Russ' ministry has a night of "Prayer & Praise" at our house.  Josie and Josiah had their own kind of date in the playroom.

 Just SMITTEN with one another.
 I mean seriously, is she 13??

This looks like me on a date...laughing at everything "the boy" did...oh geez.


Team Jenkins said...

we call them 'friend girls' not 'girlfriends' ... we ain't even approaching that trail yet!! :)

Callie said...

at least we will love the in-laws! love the baby love.

Jess Judkins said...

seriously this is the cutest ;-)