Sunday, June 26, 2011

Thwee Years Old

Josephine Riley Masterson (Goose)

Things about you now I wish I will always remember...

a) Your prayers "with words" (the singing prayers got a bit out of hand)

"Thank you God for Jesus.
Thank you for our sins.
No more sins.
Thank you God for no more sins.
Thank you for this cheese pizza. Amen."

(Every time we pray. Without fail)

b) Your sweet desire to know everyone's name and where they are going.

(In the grocery store line, in the public restroom, at the public pool...)
Josie: Mom, who is that? (so close to the person of interest that they can hear)
Me: Josie, I don't know their name. Our friend. Our neighbor.
Josie: Mom, I'm gonna go ask them their name

(Fearlessly she's off.)
Josie: Hi! My name is Josie. What's your name?

(Quickly she returns to tell me the information.)

c) Your strong planning nature to hug/love/surprise someone.

(Each journey in the car to church Josie creates a new plan of who she is going to hug/kiss/surprise.
We talk about the details and particles of the interaction.
She executes beautifully each time with such joy.)

To our inquisitive, beautiful, outgoing, sensitive Josephine we will strive to love you for you and despite you, unconditionally for all your days.
You have my heart.


Allison Wolfe said...

She is SO cute. Mom and I were just talking about how at 1 year old at my baby shower, she was as mature as a 3 year old! Love that she is the social butterfly!

Josh and Donna said...

happy birthday!

Miriam said...

LOVE this!