Friday, January 14, 2011

some of the best parenting advice...

some of the best parenting advice came from my mentor at church. she has five children (that are wonderful) so i am all ears when she shares.
"never do for your child what they can do for themselves."
she told me this nugget of goodness when josie was just a baby but i locked it away in the forefront of my mommy brain. the truth is it takes A LOT of patience to carry this out but the Lord has helped me realize that is what my days are about. training up my children for life and godliness. so to sit and watch my 2 1/2 year old put her own shoes and clothes on is my portion right now. even though it takes a good 15-20 minutes. i force myself to sit and truly let her do it all by herself. the joy is the confidence she gains.

the other reward (for me) of instituting this advice early on was that josie was very independent when izzie was born. it is now one less thing for me to do. and she loves to do it "all by my-self". (the potty independence is awe....some).
this blog today was so good and reminded me of the value of this principle.
do any of you have nuggets of goodness to share from over the years?
(my sweet izzie. she really is the sweetest thing you have every seen.)

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Allison Wolfe said...

Never say: "MY child will NEVER do THAT." Because they will.