Monday, November 29, 2010


accomplishments look quite different these days...

i successfully went grocery shopping today with both girls.
no tragedies. got everything on my list. = success

i did however realize that i should be on "real housewives of atlanta"
you know you are a housewife when... many of the clerks, deli workers, bakers, shelvers at Kroger know your name and your children's names.
(maybe i should start a blog series called "you know you are a housewife when...")

i felt like a celebrity today at Kroger. everyone wanted to see "the baby".
oh, adult interaction. i will take it where i can.
like i said...accomplishments.


The Jacobs Family said...

So sweet. It is the little things as a parents that we can accomplish that make us so happy. Congrats to you and Russ.

Josh and Donna said...

i still forget stuff at the store. and i only have 1 babe. oh we're in trouble this summer i suppose.