Saturday, October 23, 2010

Like mothers, like daughters

Bella and Katie (and Farrah) moved away from our neighborhood. Josie has been a little confused by the lack of Bella playtime. So Bella comes in pretend spirit to our house on a daily basis. She can come in the form of a doll, pretend cat, and even a new dish Josie cooks up.
Me: Josie was is this?
Josie: It is Bella.
Me: Oh ok.

We were in desperate need of a playdate with the real Bella. This picture below cracks me up because I see Katie and I talking like this when we were younger. If only we knew what they were saying....

Crazy mommies got on the sesaw. The girls loved it. And I got crazy looks for my preggo self being on there. (Ok, I could have made those up but it felt like it.)
We miss the Green Family!


KatieMGreen said...

Love it! Love there are "3" girls on each side :)

We could come live with yall?

Stephanie said...

Those sweet girls are getting so big!
And I'm SO glad to get a glimpse of your pregnant--SO sad that I haven't even laid my eyes on your with this pregnancy!? MISS you!