Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pace Fall Festival

At the beginning of October we attended the fall festival at Pace Academy. We went last year too. It is like being in a movie. The campus is huge and in the middle of the city. Not to mention a little like stepping back in time. They have lots of cute homemade games. Even a little jail to put your friends in. The Moon Family had a recent new addition so Elliott and the girls came with us.

Yes, this lady has on Prada boots. She also looked like a model. We are in the city people. (Where apparently, moms wear Prada boots to fall festivals.)

The girls get quite girly when they are together. The sun apparently was just too hot. So they found the closest shade to eat their lunch.
Playing a coin game with daddy. I love watching them together. Literally, the highlight of each day!

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Team Jenkins said...

anytime you need it, come on back out here for a dose of reality - the only boots i own are muck boots from target ... and i'd hardly look a fraction that cute from the waist down in those shorts!! :)