Monday, August 2, 2010

The girls' room

So I like saying "the girls." The girls will share a room. Which has worked out pretty nicely so far. The family who we bought this house from had two kids. I remember telling Russ that I was so amazed (thought she was crazy) that she had two kids in this (2 bedroom) house. Ummmm now that is me. Seems natural, though.

Josie moved to a big girl bed this past weekend. It was thankfully uneventful. No big deal, yet.

I have a couple more things to do in their room before it is complete. Initials above their beds (thank you anthropologie) and a bed skirt for Josie's bed. We got the chair at the end of Josie's bed recovered recently. If any of you visited me in college this was the ugly green chair I always had....and loved. Now it is super cute! I really wanted Josie to have an iron twin bed. Russ and I waited and visited Scott's antique market and found exactly what we were looking for within 5 minutes of being there and for much less than I had budgeted....score!


Matt and Kim said...

The room is beautiful!! It looks like something out of a magazine!!

shea said...

I love it! Jae transitioned well to the big bed too. Just goes to show you're a good momma and did things when Josie was ready. :) I'm glad to see the buffet is still in place. Will it stay? It really is a fab piece!

kristymasterson said...

yes we decided to keep it. i am so glad!!!

Stephanie said...

looks like a magazine! the perfect masterson girlS! room!

Anna Kate has that same 'happy daisy' bedspread from the PB, but her main background color is pink where josie's in green.

Team Jenkins said...

girl - love it! that piece that yall got when josie was born is A-MAZING. I love the curtains behind it. :)

LQS said...

"the girl's" will be such great Sister's!! I can already tell!
Looking forward to meating Miss Izzy! Love ya'll