Wednesday, March 10, 2010

tea party on a toilet

That's right! Do what you gonna do to stay on the potty. Josie was into sitting on the potty today. Works for me. Here I go, on my potty training adventure.

I love those little toes and chubby ankles so much, sometimes I want to kiss them off.


Melissa Gouge said...

she is so cute!!!

LQS said...

Did she wear "LIPSTICK" to her tea party? MeMe would be disappointed if not!

Suzanne Akins said...

I am most impressed that you took a picture that included the floor by your toilet. Would have been a scary thing in my house! Kudos good woman. Kudos!

kristymasterson said...

Truth be cleaning friend..Sal came the day before. I cannot take the credit. I work part time to pay for a cleaning friend. :)