Sunday, February 21, 2010

your wishes will come true at 30...

mine did.
Mom and Dad overwhelmingly surprised me with a nice camera for my 30th birthday.
I was having a tough time...really feeling like I aged on this birthday.
All cares were gone and artistic Kristy is now alive on her 30th birthday.  It is amazing what a good camera can do!!
Here are just a few examples. 
Disclosure:  You cannot take my daughter home with you...or my dog...and yes they are really that precious.

I am so blessed!


Stephanie said...

YEAH for a new nice camera...what kind?! what a great photo quality in those pics!

def. helps that those being photographed are ADORABLE!!!

Jason and Pamela said...

Congrats on the new camera! Yes, the difference is so obvious!! Glad you had a great birthday!

Kelly Ford said...

Man, those pics are GREAT! I'm *hoping* that maybe Jeff will get me a nice camera for my big 3-0, too.
What kind is yours?! I'm DYING to know!

And yes, your subjects are precious!

nLk said...

just now catching up on your blog...josie is precious! and good luck with the new camera. i got one for christmas and have got to figure out how to use it. it makes such a difference. hope you're doing well!!