Thursday, February 11, 2010

orlando with friends

I feel like this picture shows what we all already know... but I just can't believe...Josie is so big.  She is really tall for her age, so everyone thinks she is a year older than she is, but she talks a ton.  I love hearing the changes daily from jibberish sentences to actual words.  It is great.  She is quite silly.  Whether it is head-banging with a straw in her mouth to veggie tales or talking to Thomas....she makes us laugh a lot.  People comment now that she looks more like Russ...what do ya'll think?

Last week we stayed in my parent's house in Orlando with some fun friends from church.  We had a great time getting away from Georgia's yucky weather and relaxing together.  We shopped, visited the Magic Kingdom, ate frozen yogurt, napped, read, danced, ate frozen yogurt and never had to be anywhere at any one particular time.  Which I LOVED!  

Magic Kingdom show

The Moon Family
Josie loved to ride any ride possible.  (We rode every ride she was capable of riding.) This is the train the takes you around the park.  It was not quite adventurous enough for her.  She got bored very quickly.  
Classic family photo.
I will create a part II of the trip.  The Knox family went with us as well.  It was our first "friend" vacation.  We usually just go with our families.  We had a blast and were well rested upon our return.  Except for the 8 hrs. in a car with a 20 month old thing...


Allison Wolfe said...

Um, I still don't think that Russ had any part of making Josie. She looks like a mini-me Kristy, actually a mini-me K.C.!

Melissa said...

I actually think that she looks a ton like you. At bible study I was thinking how you guys have the similar facial expressions.

Mary said...

Josie looks like my beautiful daughter-in-law with her daddy's blue eyes.