Wednesday, February 18, 2009

my birfday and josie news

i had a great birthday! i enjoyed all the sweet conversations and voicemails throughout the day. since i am a words of affirmation girl it was a major highlight to hear from my sweet friends.

katie and bella took me and josie out to lunch to chick-fil-a. we had lots of fun, of course.

the big girls...
katie and bella... yeah!
josie and i. in the josie news... she is very big into the scrunching of the nose. she thinks this is being silly. which it is. and i am afraid i taught it to her... not really on purpose. but it is pretty darn cute.

russ lined up dinner and babysitting. we ate at two urban licks and then visited my favorite coffee spot. meredith and christi were sweet to babysit.
this picture represents perfectly how josie feels when meredith and christi are over.
ps...yes i have funky hair. it was cut a little more funky than i am used to but it is beginning to grow on me. and grow out... yippee.


morgan collins said...

when the heck did you get bangs?!

shea said...

I'm so glad you had a good birthday. We need to get our girls together so they can scrunch their noses together.
P.S. I love funky hair!

Josh and Donna said...

happy birFday!!! love the funky hair btw.

Katie B said...

Love the scrunchy nose...and funky looks good on you!