Tuesday, February 10, 2009

is it sad?

Is it sad that you look forward to going to the grocery store? I do. I did. Yesterday, Josie was super sick so I was in the house all day with this beautiful weather.

However, I must admit I really enjoyed the cuddling and falling asleep so easily on my lap. Honestly, probably worth it for that. Miss Independent isn't too fond of cuddling when she is well. (I have no idea who she got that from.?)

I took Thomas to doggie group, thanks to my sweet husband. While I was there I had the discussion with another dog owner who said that he too looks forward to going to the grocery store because he works from home. This made me feel good, I am not the only one. That is right... I work from home too.

I have always been the type to look forward to small things. I love it. It keeps me happy, grateful and content.... Here is a list of the small things I look forward to these days.

1. buying a coffee
2. chick-fil-a
3. conversation on the phone
4. being by myself
5. a quiet house

What small thing do you look forward to?


Katie B said...

Fresh brewed coffee in the morning, blogging, going for a walk

Fahring Family said...

You forgot a shower on your list! Or at least that is one thing I look forward to! Oh yeah, I have to add a coke to my list as well!!

Kelly Ford said...

Choclate milk in the mornings on my way to work, watching my soap at lunch, competeing against jeff in jeopardy each night, time alone with the lord on the way home each evening, baths, feeling Rhyan move in me... wishing she'd quit trying to make an escape through my belly button :-)

Mama Callie said...

reading a book of MY choice, dessert, lunch dates with friends, shopping Target clearance shelves. Actually, since Josiah was small I have found great entertainment in the excuse to wander the aisles of Target. It's kind of like the grocery store thing, I think?

Josh and Donna said...

what a fun post for a soon to be SAHM! right now i look forward to being home...caue i'm still a workin!

morgan collins said...

talking to my friend on the phone:)
sitting on my couch watching a movie.
sleeping late.
going on walks.

The Jacobs Family said...

Snuggling with Marty at night
Hearing Maddy say I love you
Ride into work in the morning
Being fed at church
Girls nights
Trips to the beach

Stephanie said...

good post, kristy. :)
i, too, look forward to grocery shopping. probably for 2 main reasons: mostly b/c i really don't spend almost any other money, so this fills my "shopping" quota (kinda!); secondly, b/c i like to cook all the fun stuff.
i look forward to:
-good target clearance deals (clothes are my fav!)
-when coffe is ready and made in the am, with fat-free 1/2 & 1/2
-monday mornings with the fam
-walking in throughout WF in the am

love and miss you.