Tuesday, December 16, 2008

tis the season

So I am not a good blogger anymore. Sorry. I know everyone reads mostly for Josie updates...this is the latest on my little elf.
*She turned 6 months old last week.
Geez la weez. I remember this time last year thinking I will have a 6 month old. I never imagined how fun it would be, nor how difficult.

*Big girl... long and lean.
She weighs 17 1/2 lbs. And is the 95%tile for her height. Tall and skinny I hope... like her dad.
We are struggling in the "in the middle" stage with her carrier or a carseat. We go back and forth a lot.

The pediatrician told us... Josie has an advanced.. pincher grip. That would be the thumb and the pointer finger. We continue to laugh about her being advanced...with the pincher. That's my girl.

*Oatmeal and Avacado.
Josie is doing great with her food and opening her mouth. However, I am already annoyed at the extra time it takes. Dang it we can't nurse exclusively forever.... geez...it was so easy.

*Look out..
"the jos" as we like to call her is on the move. She is sorta crawling... it just doesn't look like crawling. But she can move from one side of the room to the other like a champ. We are currently coming up with theories for blocking our heaters (this would be a negative of an old house.)

December has been a busy month for us. Mom's b-day, KC's b-day... he is 24, (I can't believe it.) the many Christmas parties, home renovation (hallway) and my tutoring (finals). But all and all we are doing well. Looking forward to our trip to Orlando after Christmas.


KatieMGreen said...

yeah, too bad you couldn't nurse forever, "especially in this economy." haaa

Stephanie said...

fun post.
josie is going to be so good at self-feeding with her madd skills with the pincher motion! :) that's all for great hand-eye coordination! :) go josie!
glad yall took the plunge to table food-she's such a big girl.
i remember thinking about how i had to kinda rearrange my whole day to make time to sit her down to eat...you'll get used to it soon.
love you!
*like the new background.

Danny, Jennifer, and Tyler Watson said...

Do not...I repeat...do not give up the carrier until you absolutely have no other choice!! I am counting the days until I can turn this convertible seat from rear to forward facing. It is a pain in the booty to get Tyler in and out of the car in that thing. Clicking the carrier in the base is a thousand times easier. Seriously. Don't do it until it's a necessity!

Yep, the eating thing seems like a wreck of your schedule when it first happens, but it gets easier, AND you really don't have to worry too much about three meals and two snacks and all of that jazz until she's past a year old. Until then, good ol' breast milk/formula does the job for you!

I am so glad Josie has blessed your life in such a special way. Things are about to get even better!