Tuesday, December 2, 2008

new things/ old things/ cute things

A lot has been going on in the Masterson home...literally. The last two weeks we have not been here much, due to re tiling our bathroom floor and Thanksgiving. Re tiling your bathroom floor when you only have one bathroom = a big deal. So the whole family went to stay at my parents house. Tough when our life functions are in Atlanta. The back and forth was killer. But of course we loved spending time with family.
Before After

The pictures don't do it justice. Let's just say that I will actually be able to clean the floor and it will look clean, whereas before that was not possible.
Yippee! You become so thankful for running water when you don't have it.

Josie is up to all kinds of new things.
* She has been up on all fours for about three week now. Rocking back and forth.
* Not far behind is always....Mr. Thomas. They are holding hands now.
* Big girl chair. She loves it. We started rice cereal. I know... I am a little late but with all my homelessness I could not add one more thing to my thought process or suitcase.
* I should have blogged about this awhile ago.... Josie loves the sling. Grocery store, festival, church, voting, doggie group.....she loves to be in the sling. I love it too.
I will hopefully be better about posting, since we are back home.


miriam said...

How exciting!! We have just tiled our kitchen!! What a change it makes!!

shea said...

Great update! The bathroom looks great. Jae loves the sling too. I've been wearing her since she was a week or two old. Which one do you use?

Fahring Family said...

Where did you get your sling? It looks great! I would love to try it out with Hollis!

kristymasterson said...

Hotslings. My friend Callie ordered it off target.com, i believe. I love it! You can't find them in the store... just online. If you want handmade and to pick out your fabric.. jesse... rea's sister makes some. www.buttonbee.com

Katie B said...

You have been busy! Josie is getting so big!!!

Stacy said...

Love the bathroom pics...Josie is getting so big and I love the picture of her hand on his paw! ;)