Friday, March 16, 2012

a year ago....

Izzie had an intense mullet.
Josie had an intense stutter.

(I was so nervous about it.  My prayer journal was full of request to the Lord to help Josie.  As with most things with kids, it was a short season.)

Josie was in LOVE with Kiki. aka Christi Wilson
She still is and ask me frequently why she lives with Ryan in Florida.

Izzie was kind of a blob.

No more.  She is a feisty little thing.  Adamant that her sister will not take the cake.  She makes me laugh on a regular basis.  Have I mentioned her nickname has evolved?  To "Chef".
Girl likes some food.  Her food.
We have a lot of sisterly love in this house.  So much so that Izzie shared her nice (code for the Big D) virus with sister this week.  In the middle of the night when Josie woke up with a fever she said "Mom, I just hugged Izzie too hard.  That's why I'm sick." Oh goodness. Laughter abounds much.


Dominique Elkins said...
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Dominique Elkins said...

1 - Why DOES Kiki live in Florida with Ryan?
2 - I almost cried when Josie said she hugged Iz too hard...