Friday, March 9, 2012

three year old conversations

hello friends...
i have been a slacker at updating the blog.

to catch up quickly...
the girls and I have been filling our days with chores and lunch dates.
we frequently (3 times this week) get to take young adult girls out to lunch from Russ' ministry.
it is a highlight for everyone.

josie's favorite place these days is trader joe's. (we try to go on Mondays)
they have buggies for kids and she remembers each time to take a doll.
she gets close to nipping my heels. but loves the whole experience.

on the izzie front...she is talking more and playing with josie more.
wanting to color and draw like big sister.

speaking of big girl just turned on the coloring then quickly transitioned to writing.
she has been writing her name and other names while asking us to "spell" things a lot.

josie's conversational skills have gotten so cracks me up.
recently her friend Georgia was in the car with us.
Georgia had brought a pretend cell phone.
upon swiping the phone from her Josie asked "Hey you want some music on your phone?"
yes i have an iphone and yes she knows more about it than i do.
here they are with a banana snack.

i will leave you with a story.
recently at the gas station we were next to a "hoarder's" station wagon. you know these cars right?!
(mine is close except it is full of sippy cups and toys.)
anywho, josie says "MOM... they need to clean out their car. I think they don't have a daddy."
and there you have the truth about who likes things clean around here.
it was bossy-ness and compassion in the same thought.
sounds like a good representation of my thoughts too.


Callie said...

I laughed out loud to that. Thanks:)

J. Harwell said...

Hilarious story from Josie...I laughed out loud because Jason just got the shop vac out to clean my car this weekend. He said, "I can't take it anymore. Your car is GROSS!" ha ha

Hope all is well with y'all...