Friday, July 22, 2011


My sweet Izzabee is 8 months +. Her funny personality is coming out more and more. She has been a lesson in "I can't control my children." that has been unsuspected. As most of you know, I am a people- pleaser, Josie is very similar to me in this regard. Izzie however, not so much. For example, in public places (grocery store, church etc.) when others try to get her to smile. She is not going to amuse you. Stone-face Magee. As Morgan noted recently after her observation of is as if it insults a persons personal value that they cannot make her smile. Well, she is a tough crowd. She is going to look you up and down, watch, check you out with her furrowed eyebrows and still you may not get a smile. What a difference from Josie who was all about people the moment she was born. I am excited to see how Izzie's personality develops.

She is still my laid back baby. Just crawling and pulling up everywhere possible (she tried the wall this morning, using the trim work as leverage?). What a fun age!


morgan collins said...

love that little stone face:)

Stephanie said...

she is so precious, kristy.
i wish i could see your babies more as they are growing up.

miss you!
LOVE to you, friend.

shea said...

She's adorable! We know all about the stone face with Jae. I found myself telling people often not to take it personally. She gives them away more freely now. Ty is the exception. She is not a fan. Colleen, on the other hand, giggles and smiles often. So funny how different they can be.