Friday, May 28, 2010


I spent the past week in Guatemala with 16 other young adults from our church and Russ' ministry. This was Russ' 5th year in Guatemala. I have never been able to go before due mostly to tutoring/teaching the week before finals. So I was excited to go this year. We had a wonderful group and praise the Lord no one got sick.

Our daily routine...
1. Breakfast at a church in San Pedro. Made by the sweetest ladies ever!
2. Work sites. We built two houses. One for a newly married couple and another for a widow. The money we raise for the trip pays for the supplies and the contractor. The ministry we work with in Guatemala selects the deserving families for us to help.

3. Lunch at the church.
4. VBS at a church nearby. Sometimes we would travel on the bus to the VBS and sometimes it would be close. It was wonderfully fun! Most of the group would go back to the work sites during this time.

5. Dinner at the church.
6. Service at a church. One night we conducted happy feet. Which is the reason we brought hundreds of shoes. After the service we methodically fitted everyone for shoes. It was PRECIOUS!!!

I will post a Guatemala part 2 soon with my favorite pictures and fun stories.

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