Wednesday, March 25, 2009

orlando a few weeks ago

we traveled to orlando a few weeks ago (josie's 4th time....spoiled) with the masterson clan.  we had a great time hanging out with everyone for extended amounts of time. we visited sea world.  rented a pontoon boat and drove around disney (best idea) and then russ, josie and i had a chill day at the house while everyone else went to disney world. here are some pictures from our fun times.

 loved shamu...russ and i of course...josie loved looking at all the people around us. and sweet cousin emma was so great and looked like she was on a commercial for sea world the whole time with all her oooohs and ahhhs.

 "josie look at the camera.... ok don't."

wiped out....drooling like her mom....(old roomates you know about this.)

gran gran with the girls in a boat...."emma drive faster."

josie thinking "serious right now?? are you really taking a picture?"
but she just looked too cute.


morgan collins said...

did she inherit your other sleeping habit:)

russmasterson said...

thankfully least so far