Tuesday, October 30, 2012

almost november

the truth is i was tired of seeing the pictures on the last post.
so here is a quick update and new post.

baby #3 is ....a girl.
honestly, i was shocked. just knew it was a boy. but nope. God knew that all that "girls ministry" experience from back in the day was for such a time as this....whew. so come ages 11,13 & 15.  i might need a place to camp out.  honestly, knowing we are having another girls has just has made me so thankful for Russ.  he is the most wonderful "girl dad." and if you know him you know the man can bring logic and simplicity to any situation. which is what we as women....NEED.  at least this one does.

Gretchen Mae Masterson will be her name.  we will call her Greta Mae. Mae after my Nana.  my mom's mom....Nellie Mae.  when i told her, she cried and said that was the nicest thing anyone had every done for her.  (this pregnant mama cried too).

well that seems to be our big news for now.  here are some pictures for fun.

if you know me well, you know i LOVE the fall.  we have enjoyed some wonderful hikes and walks outside.  and i am loving being pregnant and fully clothed.  summer is just too vulnerable for me sometimes.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

hello there friends...

well it has been some time.
we have been enjoying the summer by traveling and being with family.
honestly, i'm over the hot-ness.  might be because i have a bun in my oven.
yep...you read that right.  one more masterson will make their debut in february.
so energy has been a little low over here, along with my ability to get anything done besides loving on my girls.

here are some pictures to catch you up.

myrtle beach for granny's birthday.

this picture makes me sad and happy.  my sweet girl looks so grown up with her birthday choices.

we are a bit of a chaco family.  start'em early.

enjoying boat rides and lake days with cousins.

hammock beach with queen cousins.


veggies from grandaddy's garden.

My favorite picture of the summer!!! 
Grandaddy and Izzie getting ready to go pick pears from the garden.
Hope you are having a good summer too!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

my favorite part about being a pastor's wife...

Russ officiates a fair share of weddings.  With that comes the perk...a genuine connection and reflection of our marriage.  Being apart of marriage unions pushes us to remember our vows often.  This truly is a treasure.  I forget sometimes those promises I made.  And I need to be reminded of them often.  It seems to motivate me to love well.

"I, Kristy, take you, Russ to be my husband.  /  I affirm to you in the presence of God and these witnesses  /  my sacred promise to stay by your side  /  as your faithful wife in sickness and in health,  /  in joy and in sorrow.  /  I promise to love you without reservation  /  honor and respect you  /  grow with you in mind and spirit  /  and cherish you for as long as we both shall live. "

Happy 8th Anniversary!

Friday, May 11, 2012

the month of may

(if you follow me on instagram...sorry...repeats)

may 2 russ' birthday...he is SO low maintenance but the girls and i try and make him feel as special as possible.  morning celebrations started things off.

may and everyday= makeup and accessories
she sits up there everyday and hands me my makeup. squishy-est assistant ever.

may thursdays were filled with gymnastics at the Y.
    josie enjoyed just running around the gym with her new friends.  the trampoline was icing on top.
may 9 we were in orlando with my parents while russ was in guatemala.
   izzie loves these boots.  her "sasha fierce" alter ego comes out.  it is hilarious.
this is my favorite picture.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

"mommy, i feel like dora

what exactly does dora feel like? 
carefree? adventurous? 

this is just part of the funny statements and conversations we have been having these days. i am loving our mature and developed yard. the azaleas are awesome along with the hydrangeas that are coming.  i also love that my "green thumb" husband doesn't have to work in the yard but just maintain.

izzie.  oh, she is the second. quite feisty and clingy.  she has only had two bottom teeth for SO long. i think she is finally getting the top two.  this picture is quite indicative of her personality. she says "hey" to everyone she sees and then blows kisses to say bye.  a social bug.

josie however has gotten a bit more reserved in her social-ness with adults.  but with other kiddos she will jump right in.  however, recently at a birthday party with a huge dinosaur jumpy house, face painting and kid food galore...I found her sitting on a bench chatting with the birthday boys ninety year old great grandmother.  tender-hearted precious girl. too bad it hurts my heart you look fifteen in this picture.

Friday, March 16, 2012

a year ago....

Izzie had an intense mullet.
Josie had an intense stutter.

(I was so nervous about it.  My prayer journal was full of request to the Lord to help Josie.  As with most things with kids, it was a short season.)

Josie was in LOVE with Kiki. aka Christi Wilson
She still is and ask me frequently why she lives with Ryan in Florida.

Izzie was kind of a blob.

No more.  She is a feisty little thing.  Adamant that her sister will not take the cake.  She makes me laugh on a regular basis.  Have I mentioned her nickname has evolved?  To "Chef".
Girl likes some food.  Her food.
We have a lot of sisterly love in this house.  So much so that Izzie shared her nice (code for the Big D) virus with sister this week.  In the middle of the night when Josie woke up with a fever she said "Mom, I just hugged Izzie too hard.  That's why I'm sick." Oh goodness. Laughter abounds much.

Friday, March 9, 2012

three year old conversations

hello friends...
i have been a slacker at updating the blog.

to catch up quickly...
the girls and I have been filling our days with chores and lunch dates.
we frequently (3 times this week) get to take young adult girls out to lunch from Russ' ministry.
it is a highlight for everyone.

josie's favorite place these days is trader joe's. (we try to go on Mondays)
they have buggies for kids and she remembers each time to take a doll.
she gets close to nipping my heels. but loves the whole experience.

on the izzie front...she is talking more and playing with josie more.
wanting to color and draw like big sister.

speaking of which...my big girl just turned on the coloring then quickly transitioned to writing.
she has been writing her name and other names while asking us to "spell" things a lot.

josie's conversational skills have gotten so advanced...it cracks me up.
recently her friend Georgia was in the car with us.
Georgia had brought a pretend cell phone.
upon swiping the phone from her Josie asked "Hey you want some music on your phone?"
yes i have an iphone and yes she knows more about it than i do.
here they are with a banana snack.

i will leave you with a story.
recently at the gas station we were next to a "hoarder's" station wagon. you know these cars right?!
(mine is close except it is full of sippy cups and toys.)
anywho, josie says "MOM... they need to clean out their car. I think they don't have a daddy."
and there you have the truth about who likes things clean around here.
it was bossy-ness and compassion in the same thought.
sounds like a good representation of my thoughts too.